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Visionnaires at the Excellence Awards 2022

Visionnaires Co-founders Pablo Lloyd and Amanda Dickens were at the Capital CIty College Group Excellence Awards in Tobacco Dock, London to see one of our alumni, Elsie Kibue-Ngare, win Visionnaire of the Year award.

Elsie is an award-winning photographer and runs EK Photography. Elsie was one of the first people to do the 5-day Visionnaires programme in 2019.

Visionnaires turned out to be the missing piece of her educational jigsaw that finally allowed her to monetise her creativity. It gave her practical advice and contact with other creatives, but above all it was a massive confidence boost.

Said Elsie: “Visionnaires gave me the opportunity to ask questions about how to make money from my photography. Practical considerations like how do I register my business, should it be a limited company,” she said.

“I discovered how to make a business plan, how to project how much income I wanted to make in a year and how much to set aside for taxes. It gave me the confidence to soldier on and was a stepping-stone.

“I knew I could take pictures, but Visionnaires answered the question of how I could turn my photography into a business.”

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