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Top Ten Tips To Refresh Your Business

Tip 1 Evaluate! 

Regularly assess your products and services. Look for opportunities to update or introduce something new to keep your business relevant and competitive. If you are already trading, apply to join our free On Your Marks Course

Tip 2 Check out your competition! 

Before you can introduce something new, check out your competition. Don’t just join them, beat them! Day 3 of the Start Your Own Business Course will help you with this. 

Tip 3 Customer Feedback! 

When it comes to our business, ignorance is not bliss. Engage with your customers to understand their needs and preferences. Use feedback to make improvements and tailor your offerings to better meet customer expectations. Ask questions and listen to the answers! Day 3 of the Start Your Own Business Course will help you to carry out market research and analyse your customer feedback. 

Tip 4 Embrace Technology! 

Keep up with the latest technologies relevant to your industry. Don’t underestimate your ability to learn something new. Believe in yourself! Day 1 of the Start Your Own Business Course will help you to develop a positive mindset and build your resilience. Check out this AI Masterclass hosted by Visionnaires and presented by Hana Abdi  

Tip 5 Review Marketing Strategies! 

Update your marketing strategies to reach a wider audience. Explore new channels. Try new social media avenues. On day 3 of the Start Your Own Business course your facilitator will guide you through marketing tools, plans and targets. Are you following us yet?

Tip 6 Employee Training and Development 

Invest time in yourself and your workforce by providing training opportunities. Take Continuing Professional Development seriously. Search for free and low-cost training events. Skilled and motivated employees contribute significantly to business success. Start Your Own Business, On Your Marks and the free Visionnaires Masterclasses are the perfect places to start! 

Tip 7 Try A Financial Health Check! 

Take advantage of any free advice being offered by your local bank or council. Some banks offer business banking perks. Use these opportunities to ask any questions on your mind. Day 2 of the Start Your Own Business course is dedicated solely to finances.

Tip 8 Networking and Partnerships: 

Build and nurture relationships within your industry. If you are a sole trader, think about collaborating with someone in your industry on a mutually beneficial project. They may offer you a fresh perspective. There are hundreds of events online every month, many are free. Ask your local council for information regarding in person networking in your area. You can start networking by joining free courses such as Start Your Own Business. Do join our Masterclasses and meet like-minded entrepreneurs.

Tip 9 Customer Loyalty Programs 

Keep your customers returning by introducing a loyalty program. Reward your repeat customers with exclusive offers, discounts, or personalised perks.  Day 3 of the Start Your Own Business Course covers this. This will help you to focus on your customers. 

Tip 10 Environmental Sustainability 

Think about adopting eco-friendly practices within your business. Not only is this socially responsible, but it can also appeal to a growing market of environmentally conscious consumers. Our Start Your Own Business course will help you to include this in your business plan. You will also be able to swap ides with your fellow participants! 

By Stef Cozens, Visionnaires Programme Coach.


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