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THE BIG SIX – Turn These Six Barriers into Hurdles!

Barrier No. 1 

“I have an idea, but where do I start? I think I’m just not cut out for this. I’m not like other people who can start their own businesses”. 

This is a common barrier. Most of us have felt this way. Turn this barrier into a hurdle that you can jump over by attending our free course, Start Your Own Business.  We’ll help you to build your confidence as you turn your idea into a business plan. 

You can also take advantage of free support and advice from your local authority. 

If you live in East London and you are struggling to find a quiet place to work or process your thoughts, speak to the staff at the Barking Enterprise Centre. Click here if you live in the South East. Use this link for the rest of London and the UK. 

Barrier No. 2 

“I need money to start a business. I am barely surviving financially as it is. Businesses are for people with extra cash or rich parents. Not people like me!” 

This is a common misconception. Try not to let a lack of funds put you off. Turn this barrier into a hurdle by  taking extra notes during the financial section of the Start Your Own Business course.  

You can also watch this recording by David Mark as he tells us how he grew an award-winning business without the initial funds. 

You can also contact your local authority and find advice you can trust.  If you live in Southwest London click here for government backed advice. Click here for government backed financial advice for various areas in the UK. Here is a trusted  list you can work through. 

Barrier No. 3 

“I’m just too young. Business owners are older people. I will wait until I am older”. 

There is never the perfect time to start a business, so don’t delay or you could miss out on the adventure of a lifetime! You can join the Start Your Own Business programme as soon as you turn 19! Watch this amazing Visionnaires recording. You will meet Phoebe Shergold Willis. At aged just 18 and while at university, she started her own business. You too can jump over this barrier by turning it into a hurdle! The government recommends contacting the The Prince’s Trust if you are aged 18-30 and would like to start your own business. Enterprise Steps also host events enjoyed by many young people who would like to work for themselves. 

Barrier No. 4 

“I didn’t attend university. I’m not clever enough to start a business of my own”. 

Not all business owners have degrees. If attending university was a necessity, there would be a worldwide business shortage!  Communities would struggle to survive. So, it turns out that this isn’t a barrier after all! Join the Start Your Own Business course. You do not need any previous qualifications. Ask for some business and education advice from The Prince’s Trust if you are aged 18-30. The government also recommends Jumpstart if you need to attend workshops. The Open University also has hundreds of free business courses to choose from. It’s never too late to learn. Jump over this hurdle and start your own business! 

Barrier No. 5 

“I already have a business, but I don’t know how to market it or scale up” 

We understand that this is a barrier, and that is why we are here. Visonnaires will give you the guidance you need during the marketing section of the Start Your Own Business program. Follow us on social media, attend our masterclasses and learn how to grow your business.  Your local authority may offer workshops through Jumpstart. Click here to find out more about the government backed Kick Off In Business program. They also give you guidance on marketing. 

Barrier No. 6 

“English isn’t my first language. I wasn’t even born here. I could start a business ‘back home’, but it will be too hard to start one here”. 

This feeling is sadly too common. The truth is this is a barrier that only exists in our minds. We can root it out and turn it into a hurdle that we can jump over. Within Capital City College Group and Visionnaires is an amazingly wide variety of nationalities. We were not all born in the UK, and we do not all consider English to be our mother tongue. When you join the Start Your Own Business program, you will see that we represent so many races. nationality or gender is not a restriction. If you can speak more than one language, then you are an entrepreneur with a superpower! If you were not born in England but have travelled and made a new life here, then you have developed essential qualities like resilience and bravery. Qualities that all business owners need to succeed.  

View the government website to find out about business support that you are entitled to. 

With our support, you will not face your barriers alone. We will help you to turn them into hurdles that you can jump over. You are not alone, and we see the amazing potential in each one of you! 

By Stef Cozens.


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