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The first Visionnaires Showcase event

Visionnaires held its first showcase event to bring together, some of its alumni and mentors.  The theme of the event was confidence with some of our alumni pitching their businesses and the mentors providing them with constructive feedback.

First, we heard from Pablo Lloyd, cofounder of Visionnaires who gave us his thoughts on his own confidence and asked everyone if there was someone in the room who always felt confident no matter what the situation. Of course, the answer was no one!  We then had great engagement from the audience who shared their experiences of when they’ve felt confident and the things they do to help them feel more confident. All helpful stuff for our founders about to pitch their businesses!

We heard from Hamzika of start-up Donaa, who’s founder, Anas, did the Visionnaires program in 2020. He couldn’t be at the showcase event as he’s fundraising in Silicon Valley so Hamzika stood in and did a superb three minute pitch describing the error-free high value 3-D printing software business and plans for the future.

We heard from Kunwoo from Ideakoko who showed us his cooling products that uses NASA technology to help cool people and pets down in hot weather. He got some great feedback from the mentors who thought that it would make a great product for menopausal women all year round.

Marlena, Visionnaires alumni and our Coordinator also pitched her business which is a live/work property business in which she hopes to turn empty commercial properties into affordable, modern living and working spaces.

Finally, Sian showcased her art and jewellery and told us about her successful pop-up shop at London Made Up in Regent Street before Christmas.  Read our blog on her here.

All of our founders showed an amazing amount of confidence in successfully talking about their business and, most importantly, the help they’d like to get from our mentors.

The event ended with networking for the mentors and alumni, which resulted in lots of connections being made. offers of support and lots of connecting on LinkedIn!

We will be hosting these events quarterly so that our Visionnaires alumni can benefit from pitch practice and meeting with lots of our mentors.

If you’ve got an idea for a business and want to find out more about how to get started check out our startup programme.


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