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Self-care tips for new business owners

Self-care for new small business owners.

Self-care isn’t a luxury exclusively for people running big businesses – it’s an absolute necessity for every business owner.  If you’re new to running a business it’s so easy to forget the little things you can do to avoid burn-out and being over-whelmed.  Here’s our top five self-care tips so that you can make sure you’re showing yourself a bit of love as well as your business!

  1. Connect with others.  If you’re running a business yourself it can feel like you never see anyone.  Try to get to a few events, talk to your customers, network with other small business owners.  Make sure you get regular human connection! Try your local council, Chamber of Commerce, the Federation of Small Businesses and Eventbrite for free events in your area.

  2. Set boundaries for yourself.  Perhaps you can set your working hours and make sure to stick to those at least three times a week, then gradually work up to five?  Learn how to say no, it’s not easy and which business owner in their right mind says no to anything right?  Well sometimes it can make all the difference if you’re heading for burn out so think carefully before you say yes.

  3. Celebrate achievements – no really, really celebrate!  We can dwell for ages on the things that are not going well but even the most amazing things can happen and we skip right over them.  Take time every day to note down what went well, however small. Getting the admin out of the way anyone? 😊

  4. This is such an obvious one but take regular breaks.  Hands up everyone who’s got to 4pm and realised they’d forgotten to have lunch?!  Build in time for short bursts of exercise, mindfulness, water, snacks – whatever your body needs during the day.  Your brain will thank you for it.

  5. Continuously teach yourself new things but do ask for help when you need it. It‘s easy to think you have to do everything yourself and should just learn right?  Well sometimes you have to the consider the cost of someone else doing it versus the number of hours you’ll have to put in to get the job done.  Do you know your own hourly rate?!


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