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Dee Buchanan

Visionnaires Mentor

Dee BuchananDee Buchanan is the founder of DB Coaching and works with adults, children and young people to support and empower emotional development. Dee is passionate about using coaching as a solution to improve others quality of life and uses motivational, empowering and intuitive techniques during her sessions to help others to improve their life – making her an ideal mentor for young entrepruners.

“I am a qualified Personal Development and Education Coach and accredited DISC personality assessor. I have been working as a coach for over 3 years and founded DB Coaching and S.E.E.D (Supporting and Empowering Emotional Development). As a life coach, I have supported a range of clients, including senior school leaders, HR professionals, therapists, writers, entrepreneurs, managers, designers, parents and young people. My aim is to support clients to find solutions to their challenges. I use a range of tools to create a step-by-step plan which enables clients to progress both professionally and personally”.

Find out more about Dee –  View Dee Buchanan LinkedIn here.

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