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May Matters!

Use Your Time Wisely – Upskill Yourself! 

May is for up-skilling!

The month of May can feel like a strange month, two bank holidays but unpredictable British weather 🙄. Well, there is nothing strange about taking your Continuing Professional Development (CPD) seriously. Take a look at these great suggestions! 

Free Online Events for Business Owners 

1) Small Business Breakthroughs – Special Small Business Week (Goldman Sachs) A podcast style discussion designed to dig into the topics that are impacting your business and keeping you up at night. 

2) Clarify your Business Idea What is the motivation and drive behind your business idea? 

3) Goldman Sachs Small Business Open House Take your business to the next level with a “mini-MBA” focused program on your personal growth plan! 

4) Incorporate AI Into Your Business Learn how to boost your business by integrating AI technology in this online event 

Up-skill with these free online courses 

1) Start Your Own Business A completely live and free online course that even includes a free Business Plan Template. Course is taught by an experienced entrepreneur. 

2) Generative AI Mastery for Business. This free course will teach you how to compare AI tools and integrate them into your business. The Start Your Own Business course by Visionnaires has also begun to incorporate this. 

3) Google My Business For A Home Business. A free tutorial to help you get your business listed on Google Maps and found by potential customers. The Start Your Own Business course by Visionnaires will also teach you how to reach potential customers. 

4) ESL Business English: English and Business Skills Development. Is English your second language? Do you feel that this is holding you back from achieving your business dreams? This free course will help you. You can also build your confidence by joining the free Start Your Own Business course by Visionnaires. Many of your fellow participants also speak English as a second language. You will discover that this is a superpower, not a disadvantage! 

Recap and watch these great videos in your own time. 

1) How to Succeed in Business 

2) Sales and Growth (begins 7 minutes into the video) 

3) Starting A Business Without Money 

4) The Perfect Pitch 

5) Money Investment and Profit (begins 4 minutes into the video) 

6) Social Media Practical Tips For Business 

7) Tax Made Easy 

With support from Visionnaires and using these resources proactively, your self-confidence and business skills will soar! 

By Stef Cozens, Visionnaires Programme Coach.


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