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From Visionnaires to Silicon Valley!

We’ve launched our first impact report showing the difference our inclusive learning programme and new business support is making to the diversity of UK entrepreneurship. We’re delighted that we’re doing exactly what we said we would do – find and support the UK’s ‘hidden’ entrepreneurs.

The headlines:

  • We’ve supported over 1000 entrepreneurs
  • Two in three of the entrepreneurs we support are women
  • 50% are from a Black, Asian or other ethnic minority backgrounds

Visionnaires entrepreneurs take their idea and turn them into actionable business plans during a five-day, free learning programme.

One of our alumni, Anas, a mechanical engineer originally from Morocco, has a software business that detects 3D printing defects in real-time. He participated in the Visionnaires programme in 2021, and six months later he was selected to join the Visionnaires Grow Incubator, where he accessed one-to-one coaching, mentoring and expert support.

Anas spoke of his experience on the Visionnaires Grow Incubator: “It seemed like a fairly structured and tailored program that can be customised to each entrepreneur… the one-to-one sessions gave me a sense of accountability, because every time we were defining what are the goals for next time, and then every time we would meet again and reflect, how was the progress on that? What’s blocking, and then what are the next steps?”

Although Anas had lots of technical expertise and experience, he needed support to develop the business side of things. And he has lots of positive things to say about the support he’s received and how it’s helped him develop the business. In fact, he attributes a lot of his entrepreneurial success to the support he’s received. “ Visionnaires was a game changer in my journey as an entrepreneur and for Donaa’s progress…I’m very grateful for the support I’ve had from the whole team”.

In addition to developing his business knowledge and planning and prioritisation skills, Anas has significantly benefitted from being connected to a range of mentors: “It’s helped me grow a sustainable network, and I’m still tapping into that network. I still have regular meetings with some of the people that were introduced to me. Yeah, it’s been a great experience so far. I’m still in touch with so many”.

The future is bright for Anas – he is excited about the new Visionnaires coaching programme he’s signed up for and has big plans for Donaa. “My next big milestone is raising a seed round so that I can grow the team sustainably and then start generating revenues. I’m planning to go to Silicon Valley in February to do this”.

If you’d like to learn how to take your idea and learn how to set up your own business check out our five-day programme by clicking this link.


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