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Helping Rare Skies to get off the ground!

Natalie Bland, Owner of Rare Skies talks to Visionnaires Stef Cozens. 

Natalie Bland, owner of Rare Skies

SC So, Natalie, tell us about your business… 

NB My business is called Rare Skies, a unisex lifestyle brand. 

SC That sounds interesting, what inspired you? 

NB The brand is inspired by my love of travel and landscapes. 

SC You sound really creative…! 

NB I am! I created Rare Skies combining my love of fashion with my photography and launching a fashion brand. 

SC So, it’s obvious that you are highly skilled, but what about your company values? 

NB The ethos of Rare Skies is that we put sustainable fashion at the heart of what we do. 

SC That is admirable, a lot of companies say that. How are you different? 

NB Our clothes and accessories are made sustainably from certified organic materials and are printed in the UK in factories powered by renewable energy. 

SC So where do Visionnaires come in? 

NB I completed the Start Your Own Business course in November 2023 and the On Your Marks course in December 2023. 

SC Great! I know we all enjoyed having you as part of the cohort. How did you benefit from our free business courses? 

NB Both courses were really helpful in covering all aspects of starting your own business. Particularly developing a business plan, and all the financial and practical information taught in the courses were invaluable for business owners. 

SC We are so pleased that our courses where able to give you the tools you need to build on your talents and skills. Would you recommend Visionnaires to o ther budding entrepreneurs? 

NB Yes I would recommend Visionnaires – the courses I did were great and informative and helped me get my business off the ground. Also, doing the pop-up market and networking at them were really good 🙂

SC So pleased to hear. So, would you say it was easy being a new business owner? 

NB it is not always a straightforward path, but it is definitely rewarding to have your own business. 

SC It really is rewarding Natalie! What advice would you give to anyone else starting their own business? 

NB Keep at it! Network as much as you can, attend events and get your business promoted widely. 

You can do it! 

SC Thank you so much Natalie. We will be following your journey and cheering you on all the way! 

Visit to see Natalie’s sustainable fashion collection. 

With thanks to Ocean Grove for the original interview on Instagram.


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